Update on Payments

IFA has been in contact with the Department of Agriculture an update on the current payment delays.

The Department has advised IFA that almost 5,000 farmers were in a BPS payment run last night to bring the total amount of farmers paid to almost 113,000 and money paid out to €714m.

There are approximately 119,000 BPS applicants, which include some national reserve. In total it is expected that around 125,000 will have entitlements. This will include Scottish derogation and others. There are a further 10,000 farmers who will have no entitlements but may be eligible for ANC and GLAS only.

There may be a further payment run this week but the Department has indicated that they are gearing up for a significant payment run on December 1st next. This payment will represent around 27% of the payment with the remaining 3% being made in a balancing payment in early 2016.

While payments are continuing to be made there are still many problem cases mainly due to dual claims, over claims and transfers. We understand that a significant number of the PCCs are being paid even though in some cases the calculation of the payment may not be fully correct. The next payment should rectify this.

In relation to ANCs, it would appear that most people have been paid except those who cannot satisfy the stocking criteria at this stage. They will be paid once the consecutive 7 month 0.15lu/ha and the 12 month average of 0.15lu/ha is met.

IFA will make the issue of payments will be the major issue at this week’s meeting of the Charter Monitoring Committee.

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