What You Need to Apply for Your Tams Payment


Any farmer who has completed works approved under TAMS can now apply for payment via the online claim system.

The Department of Agriculture has committed that payment claims will be processed for payment as soon as possible.

Before you make your application, ensure that you have the required documentation in order and ready to submit

Payment application checklist

  • Evidence of completion of Teagasc Farm Safety Code of Practice or equivalent
  • Evidence of ownership of land (copy of folio and maps) for each site. If registration has not been completed, copy of stamped Deed of
  • Transfer and Property Registration Authority dealing number;
  • Evidence of leasehold title (copy of valid lease including maps) for each site
  • Marriage Certificate in the case of a lease to a spouse
  • Receipts and bank statement if requested
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Contractors Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Quality certificates (Electrical, Slats, Concrete, Protection of Steel work, CE certificates, Welding Cert etc).

Accompanying documents must either be submitted by post or uploaded to the Department’s online system within ten working days of the online application.

If you’re submitting documentation by post, the Department strongly recommends that you send it by registered post or another form of tracked mailing system.

Get full information on the TAMS II Scheme

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