Young Farmers Scheme and National Reserve – Open for Applications

The online system for submission of applications to both the National Reserve and the Young Farmers Scheme in 2017 has opened.

National Reserve

Just over €5 million has been provided in funding for the National Reserve in 2017 following a linear cut to the value of all Basic Payment Scheme entitlements. This amount is equivalent to the amount of unspent funds under the Young Farmers Scheme in 2015 which was added to the Basic Payment Scheme financial ceiling.

Successful applicants to the National Reserve receive an allocation of entitlements at the National Reserve National Average value or a top-up to the national average value on entitlements that are below the national average. The National Reserve in 2017 will be targeted specifically at educated young farmers and new entrants to farming who fulfil specific objective criteria.

Young Farmers Scheme

The Young Farmers Scheme is a separate scheme with just over €24 million in funding available each year from 2015 to 2019. The scheme provides an additional payment to successful applicants per activated entitlement.

Applications under the 2017 National Reserve and Young Farmers scheme must be submitted using the online facility available at


Get more information on the Young Farmers Scheme and National Reserve, including full terms and conditions and qualification criteria. 

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