Access to Asian Markets Welcome but More Must Be Done on Pig Meat Exports

IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Pat O’Flaherty has welcomed the announcement by Minister Coveney that Ireland has gained access to two new Asian markets but said more must be done to secure a resolution to the Russian market debacle, which has cost EU farmers up to an estimated 20c/kg on every pig sold since January.

IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Pat O’Flaherty said “Pig prices have fallen by 16c/kg (10%) over the last six weeks and these falls have been directly attributed to difficulties in our pig meat export markets.”

“Considering that it is pig farmers’ incomes that have been negatively impacted by the downturn in export trade over the last six weeks, pig farmers’ returns must be first to benefit from this new access,” O’Flaherty continued

‘The IFA Pigs Committee has requested a meeting with the Minister to discuss the Russian ban among other important issues affecting farmers, concluded Mr O’Flaherty

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