Agreement Reached on New Build Projects on 110kV and 220kV Overhead Electricity Lines

IFA has negotiated a new agreement with the ESB and EirGrid regarding compensation and goodwill payments to landowners for the placing of new 110kV and 220kV overhead electric lines on their lands.

“It allows landowners the option of accepting what is on offer under this agreement, and/or pursuing their own claim through arbitration, which they are entitled to do under the relevant legislation,” he said.

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the agreement provides farmers impacted by new 110/220kV electric lines on their lands with an option other than the arbitration route which can be time consuming, costly and uncertain.

However, the farmer’s statutory rights are fully protected. Even if they choose to accept the payments (see Note to Editor) negotiated by IFA, they still have the option of going to arbitration.

“As part of this agreement, the ESB will continue to apply the ESB/IFA Code of Practice which is very important in terms of the rights of landowners and in respect of land damage and crop loss,” he said.

IFA’s negotiating team for each project comprises four farmers and a lead negotiator appointed by the IFA President. These teams have access to all necessary advice including legal advice and it has been agreed that ESB/EirGrid will contribute towards costs incurred by the IFA during the negotiations.

Two other negotiations are currently under way in relation to payments for infrastructure passing over forestry and the refurbishing and uprating of 110/220kv lines. 

Note to Editor

Qualifying landowners will receive compensation in three stage payments, as set out in the table below:

PaymentConditionMastPolesetStayed PolesetConductor Wire Only
1Paid at time of commencement of works on the landowner’s land€14,500€7,250€13,250€3,500
2Paid when all works are complete on the landowner’s land€9,000€4,5004,500  
3Paid on completion of the entire project (or within 18 months of completion of works on their land)€6,000€3,0003,000  

The additional goodwill payment is calculated as 10% of the total compensation payments with a minimum of €5,000 and a maximum of €10,000 per landowner.

In addition to the compensation and goodwill payments, any land damage and crop loss caused as a result of the works will be reinstated by the ESB or compensated for in accordance with the ESB/IFA Code of Practice.

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