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An Garda Síochana Crime Prevention Tips on Fuel Theft

The average price of petrol and diesel has increased by approximately 30% and prices are poised to increase further in the coming months. Similarly, heating oil prices have approximately doubled since the start of the year. These increases have led to a surge in fuel theft.

An Garda Síochana have developed a list of tips to help prevent this.

  • Whether domestic or commercial, above ground oil tanks and mobile fuel bowsers are most at risk of fuel theft
  • Installing alarms, anti-siphoning devices, signage, security lighting and cctv can prevent and disrupt fuel thieves
  • Commercial premises should implement fuel management systems to monitor fuel levels
  • Keep fuel tanks visible. Remote tanks are at more risk
  • Restrict access. Keep gates closed and locked when not in use
  • Secure vehicles. Use fuel tank cap locks and anti-siphoning devices on vehicles and machinery

For more information see the Crime Prevention Section on the Garda website.

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