Liquid Milk

Arrabawn Exit a Serious Indictment of Liquid Milk Market in Ireland


IFA Liquid Milk Chair Keith O Boyle said it’s a serious indictment of the liquid milk sector to see a dairy co-op like Arrabawn deciding to exit the business.

“IFA has been highlighting the precarious situation of the liquid milk business for the last number of years and this is now playing out with Arrabawn leaving the sector,” he said.

“We cannot have a situation where any other processor or farmer feels forced to leave the liquid milk sector.  The only way to guarantee this is by retailers paying a fair price for fresh milk. If this doesn’t transpire, a regular supply of fresh milk on supermarket shelves is in real jeopardy.”

Keith O’Boyle said all liquid milk suppliers in Arrabawn must not find themselves at any disadvantage from this proposal.

“There is an onus to ensure they are fully accommodated and not forced into changing their dairy farm systems due to the decision of their milk processor to exit the business.”

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