Beef Farmers Encouraged to Attend Online Meeting Next Tuesday


IFA will hold an online meeting for beef farmers next Tues, Mar 9th.

The registration details can be found here

IFA President Tim Cullinan will chair the meeting, which comes at a very difficult time for beef finishers in particular.

“The factories have pulled prices in recent weeks, to an extent that is not justified. We want to hear the views of beef farmers as we discuss the current price situation, Brexit, Mercosur and CAP,” he said.

“The next CAP will need to support vulnerable sectors and recognise that beef farmers are the foundation of our beef sector. IFA will be seeking maximum funds from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, and beef farmers have been most exposed from the UK exit,” he said.

The meeting will hear a presentation by the Senior Policy Executive for Livestock Tómas Bourke and from the National Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden.

Brendan Golden said Direct Payments play a huge role in the viability of beef and suckler farms, accounting for 160% of family farm income.  The value of payments in the new CAP to the livestock sector cannot be eroded. A targeted payment of €300 for suckler cows is critical.

He said the market place can also offer significantly more to Irish beef farmers if the double standards in EU trade deals is addressed. “The Mercosur trade deal must be stopped and the existing deals that allow substandard products to undermine our key markets must be aligned with the standards imposed on Irish and EU farmers,” he said.

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