Beef Trade Firm with Finishers Negotiating Better Deals – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the cattle trade is firm with finishers digging in hard and negotiating deals above the base price of €3.80/3.85 for steers and €3.90/3.95 for heifers.

He said deals at the higher end as well as transport and clipping charges are quite common, reflecting the strong demand for cattle. He added that some cattle were moving today above a base of €3.85 on steers and above €3.95 on heifers.

Angus Woods said finishers are looking for a price increase as at current prices they are well below break-even.

The IFA National Livestock Chairman said bulls are making €3.65/3.80/3.90 for Os/Rs/Us. Cows continue in strong demand with prices ranging from €3.05 for P+ to €3.45 and tops of €3.50 for quality U grade cows.

Angus Woods pointed out that the average factory price paid for week ended January 22nd, recorded by the Department of Agriculture, reflects the fact that the factories are paying well above the quoted base price. He said the average steer R3 price was €3.88/kg and the average heifer R3 grade price was €4.01/kg including bonuses. However, he pointed out that these are the average prices and half of the cattle sold are achieving prices higher than those outlined by the DAFM.

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