Beef Trade Remains Strong

Cattle in Wicklow Field

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has said the cattle trade remains strong with the base price for steers at €4.15/kg and some top prices of €4.20 paid.

He said heifers have improved in price with €4.30/kg a more common base but prices ranging from €4.25 to €4.35.

On numbers, he said the weekly kill is running at about 31,000 head but demand is very strong and there is not an ounce of beef in stock. He said the UK market continues to improve with very strong demand. UK prices of £3.64/kg are equivalent to €4.45/kg including VAT.

Angus Woods said a concerted move by the factories to pull cow prices has not succeeded with plants having to pay last week prices to get numbers. In addition, he said farmers have the option of selling in the marts where the trade is very strong.

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