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Bord Gáis Announcement Cements IFA Energy Deal as Market-Leading

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IFA members continue to enjoy significant savings that help reduce family farm, home and business costs as Bord Gáis Energy announces a gas and electricity price drop.

IFA Member Services has an exclusive energy deal with Bord Gáis Energy that offers IFA members 20% off Bord Gáis Energy’s standard electricity unit rate for 18 months and €120 cashback.

This offer is available to new and existing Bord Gáis Energy customers.

The recently announced reduction will save IFA members an additional 15.5 % off the standard electricity and gas unit rate. Standing charges on both fuels have also been reduced by 15.5%. The new rates are effective from November 9th 2023.

IFA Director of Organisation James Kelly said, “IFA Member Services only develops partnerships with brands like Bord Gáis Energy that deliver real savings for IFA members. We welcome this announcement, which ensures that our exclusive members deal remains one of the best available in the market”.

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