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Brand Ireland Approach Needed for Beef in China


IFA President Joe Healy has said Ireland should take a brand Ireland approach to selling beef to China. He said the Chinese market presents a unique opportunity to build a high value Irish beef brand, similar to Kerrygold for dairy.

Joe Healy said we have to maximise the price return and avoid a situation where the farmer price is undermined by processors undercutting each other in the Chinese market, “Farmers have seen the success of the Ornua Kerrygold model on the dairy side. China presents an opportunity to take a similar approach with Irish beef.”

The IFA President, along with National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods and National Pig Chairman Tom Hogan are visiting China as part of a Ministerial trade mission, following the opening of the Chinese market for Irish beef last month.

Joe Healy said, “The Chinese market could not be more important in the context of the risk to the UK market from Brexit. China presents a unique opportunity and we must get it right.”

He said reputation and sustainability are key attributes for the Chinese market, along with transparency and traceability. In addition, he said innovation is essential with 72% of consumers buying a new product at their last shopping, compared to 42% for EU consumers.

Joe Healy said it is encouraging that Agriculture Minister Michael Creed and EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan are leading these high level trade missions organised around the SIAL Fair in Shanghai China to promote Irish and European food and agriculture.

“China consumes one-quarter of the world’s meat supply, and imported 700,000 tonnes of beef in 2017. There is enormous potential for further rapid growth in consumer demand for beef, with consumption expected to double by 2020, driven by increasing urbanisation and rising incomes,” Joe Healy said.