Browne Welcomes Dairygold Price and Calls on Merchants and Co-ops to Follow

IFA National Grain Committee Chairman Mark Browne has called on merchants and co-ops to follow the Dairygold lead and declare a price for this season’s bean crop in advance of the planting season.

Mr Browne said, “The Dairygold price of €175/t is €15/t over last year’s harvest non-contract bean price. The increased price offer is a welcome development. This announcement will enable growers to make a commercial decision whether to grow the crop or not. Other merchants should follow the Dairygold lead”.

It is crucial that growers are offered prices in advance of sowing given the tight margins that farmers are working off. Sowing in the absence of a firm price offer is akin to gambling and no way to run a business.

He said merchants and co-ops should step up to the mark and offer growers credible prices for the 2018 crop ahead of the sowing season.

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