Cattle Trade Continuing to Strengthen

IFA National Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden said the cattle trade is continuing to strengthen with finished cattle in the marts making up to 30c/kg above the factory price. This is being driven by procurement managers and agents.

“This is a clear reflection that factories can afford to pay more.”

He said the steer base price is generally at €3.75 and €3.80 for heifers. Deals are being done for more, including special arrangements on transport, weight and specs in some places.

The cow price has also strengthened with P grades on €3.00/kg and good quality cows making €3.50/kg.

Brendan Golden said supply numbers are expected to tighten in the next few weeks.

“The weekly kill has been running at 35/36,000 per week and the steer kill is now 25,000 more than this time last year. The Department AIMs data clearly shows that the number of finished beef cattle coming through in future weeks and months will tighten.”

The IFA Livestock Chairman said that a boatload of young bulls would set sail for Libya from Cork this week.

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