Christmas Demand Continues to Push Beef Prices

IFA Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden said beef prices have risen 5c-10c/kg this week, driven by very tight supplies of in-spec cattle and strong UK market conditions.

Brendan Golden said €3.65/kg is freely available for bullocks with deals to €3.70/kg and above paid to secure numbers over the weekend.  Heifers are starting off a base of €3.70/kg, with €3.75/kg and above paid as factories fill orders for the lucrative Christmas trade.

The IFA Livestock Chairman said these increases are just about keeping pace with the price increases in the UK and must push on to reflect the full benefits of the current market conditions for beef farmers. The equivalent price for R4L steers in GB is €4.54/kg.

Brendan Golden said agents and factories are very active on the ground to secure cattle. 

He said numbers are expected to continue to tighten over the coming weeks.

“The cow trade also strengthened this week. Prices increased by a similar 5-10c/kg in some factories. P grade cows are making from €2.70/€2.90/kg, O grades €2.80 to €3/kg, with good quality R/U grading cows pushing to €3.30/kg and above in some cases,” he said.

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