Co-ops Should Follow Aurivo Example and Hold Milk Price

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Tom Phelan has commended Aurivo for holding their April base milk price when all others cut theirs by 1c/l.

“Dairy markets have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 since February.  However, as more countries get out of lockdown and markets reopen, spot prices and other market quotes in the last four to five weeks, and even the latest GDT auction, have improved from low levels,” Mr Phelan said.


“Meanwhile, most co-ops have cut their milk price by a total of 3c/l between March and April, which will cost an average farmer over €6,500 over the peak months from March to June alone.  The gap between the lower market returns and the price paid to farmers has narrowed, and it is now time for co-ops to hold milk prices and to let the rising market meet them,” he added.


“Aurivo deserve credit for their moderate approach on milk prices when farmers are under huge pressure.  We urge other co-ops to follow their lead,” he concluded.


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