COM Agri Rejects EU Nature Restoration Law

IFA Environment Chair Paul O’Brien said the decision of the EU Agriculture Committee to reject the proposed Nature Restoration Law (NRL) by 30-16 illustrates the problems with the proposal.

He said the EU Commission has to take on board the concerns raised before it moves ahead with any new legislation.

Paul O’Brien has co-ordinated COPA’s campaign in recent months which pointed out the problems with the NRL.

“Farmers recognise the role they can play in restoring nature and are already carrying out measures to do this. However, the lack of clarity on the potential impact of the proposed regulation on farmland and production is very worrying,” he said.

“It is vital that a full impact assessment is undertaken to quantify the area of farmland that will be affected to ensure the proposed targets are realistic and fair and are not detrimental to the continuation of farming,” he concluded.

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