Dawn Pork & Bacon and Stauntons Lead Pig Price Recovery

IFA National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee Chairman Pat O’Flaherty has welcomed today’s move by Dawn Pork and Bacon and Staunton Foods to increase pig prices by a further 4c/kg for next week’s pigs.

Pat O’Flaherty said, “This second increase (total 8c/kg) over a two week period is a really positive sign to give Irish pig farmers. However, as this move was not across all plants, it is frustrating that a large number of farmers are still considerably behind their counterparts who supply these two factories.

“We met with Dawn Pork and Bacon this week and had a very frank discussion in relation to the market. We know that the market is in our favour; imports are down, exports are up exponentially and the Chinese market is booming. Furthermore, retail support for Irish Quality Assured pigmeat product is at an all-time high, according to Bord Bia’s latest retail audit.

“IFA has worked tirelessly with the Irish retail chains, and this is paying off, but, coupled with the very positive export market, we know this year has been lucrative for the Irish pig meat factories. All of this benefits the processing sector, and it is great to see these factories passing back more viable prices to their farmer suppliers.

“The other processors must also play their part and increase prices immediately,” O’Flaherty concluded.

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