Demand for Potatoes Remains Robust

Demand for potatoes remains robust this week with buyers continuing to make new inquiries for prospective stock. Some of these purchases are for current use while others are for supply later in the season.

Growers should continue to supply the market, however they should be negotiating for increased returns and paying particular attention to areas such as tare etc., where some better deals should be agreed.

Producers should not over commit stocks at current prices as prices will rise further once ambient store are cleared. Most of the peeling market is being sourced domestically at present at prices exceeding wholesale prices in some cases, therefore growers need to consider their options. The last of the Queen stocks were exported this week with exporters now exploring the possibility of other varieties.

Low High Average
Rooster Box €300 €340 €320
Rooster 10kg €3.00 €3.50 €3.20
Kerrs Pinks 10kg €3.20 €3.60 €3.30
Whites Box €250 €280 €265
Golden Wonder 10kg €5.00 €6.00 €5.50

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