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Department Inspections Cannot Hold Up BDGP Suckler Payments – IFA

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IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Angus Woods said it is not acceptable that hundreds of farmers are still due their BDGP suckler payments because the Department of Agriculture has not yet carried out inspections under the scheme.

IFA has taken up the matter with the Department of Agriculture & insisted on immediate payment.

Angus Woods called on the Minister for Agriculture to cut through the red tape and bureaucratic delays around Department inspections and remove the blockage on all outstanding BDGP payments owed to suckler farmers.

He said, “Suckler farmers are on their knees financially and it is not acceptable that some farmers are still waiting on their BDGP payments, just because the Department have not got round to carrying out the inspections”.

The IFA Livestock leader pointed out that the Department had all of 2018 to carry out the inspections and under the Charter of Rights payments are due in mid-December.

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