Domestic Potato Market Report

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA


Low High Average
Rooster Box €300 €350 €330
Rooster 10kg €3.50 €4.00 €3.70
Kerrs Pinks 10kg €3.20 €3.60 €3.30
Whites Box €290 €310 €295
Golden Wonder 10kg €5.00 €6.00 €5.50


The unseasonable cold conditions have ensured that potato consumption has remained very positive. It is evident that more growers have exited the market, while other producers have realised they do not have sufficient stock to ensure a continuous supply to all customers. This scenario is creating supply gaps in the market which buyers are struggling to fill. Plantings are well advanced in most areas apart from the north west.

There are reports that some growers are switching from Kerr’s Pinks to the Rooster variety this year, however, as always, the advice regarding prospective markets needs to be adhered to. Those still considering increasing plantings need to beware of the latest planting figures from the UK and north west Europe, which predict an increase of almost 4% on 2016. Growers must also remember that there was an increase of 5% last year also, but due to poorer yields final production tonnages were reduced. Obviously, if yields are ‘normal’ we have the potential for a chronic oversupply of potatoes in northern Europe in the coming season.


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