Dunne Calls on Arable Crop Input Suppliers to Reduce Prices

IFA National Grain Committee Chairman Liam Dunne has called on all arable crop input suppliers to cut the cost of inputs to tillage farmers as current grain price offers will see all growers sustain significant income losses from crop production this year.

Mr Dunne said, “The current situation is not sustainable, given that today’s price offers for grain are significantly below the cost of production. Many grain farmers run harvest accounts for arable crop inputs and machinery spares which are settled post-harvest”.

He said there is an onus on manufacturers and suppliers to reduce input prices significantly and to pass back the benefit to growers immediately as the supply trade has enjoyed increased margins on the back of stronger grain prices over recent years.

“IFA will be meeting with the major input suppliers over the coming weeks to impress on them the need to support growers at a time when they face very significant income challenges. Failure to do so will see a significant contraction of Irish arable crop production.”

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