Easter Lamb Hits the Market

The trade for Easter lamb will kick off in earnest this week and factories are quoting prices of €6.10/6.20 have been disappointing to date, according to Sheep Chairman John Lynskey.

Some factories paid up to €6.30/6.40/kg for spring lambs last week. In addition, some deals have been done at much higher prices and butchers and wholesalers are paying €6.30/6.40/kg without any weight limits.

John Lynskey said farmers need to get spring lambs into at least €135 per head.

John Lynskey said with the high costs involved in Easter lamb, producers would need a price closer to €7.00/kg to leave a reasonable margin, particularly considering the heavier work load involved.

On hoggets he said the factories are paying €5.10 to €5.20/kg with €5.25/kg paid in places. Again, he said this is disappointing at this time of year and well behind last year’s trade. Ewes are making from €3.00/3.20/kg.

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