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Emissions Figures Reflect Post Quota Decisions Driven by Government Policy

IFA President Tim Cullinan said today’s emissions figures for agriculture reflect decisions made by farmers, based on Government policy, after the abolition of milk quotas.

“Farmers were urged to expand and have invested heavily in their businesses. They are committed to doing their fair share to see emissions reduce by 22% by 2030, but it will take time for the substantial changes in practice that are taking place at farm level to be reflected in the emissions figures” Tim Cullinan said.

“Milk output and fertiliser use are down in 2022, and there is a natural levelling off in cow numbers” he said.

“In addition, the EPA are using international multipliers to calculate methane output per cow. Teagasc trials are now showing that cows grazing outdoors produce less methane than the systems in other counties” he added.

“This data needs to be peer reviewed but it could make a significant difference to farm sector emissions figures” the IFA President concluded.

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