Eu Commission Dairy Measures a Positive First Step but Continued Vigilance Is Necessary

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Sean O’Leary said that the EU emergency market measures announced today (Thursday) by Commissioner Ciolos were a positive first step, but he urged the EU Commission to continue monitoring dairy markets for further action as necessary, funded from non-CAP sources in light of the political nature of the problem.

“The Russian ban has clearly had a particular short term effect on market sentiment, buyer behaviour and therefore prices, in the context of imbalanced global markets. However, Russian consumers will need supplies during their harsh autumn and winter months in particular, and buyers will start importing product from other parts of the world, which ought to help rebalance markets,” Mr O’Leary said.

“It was helpful of the EU Commission to open APS for SMP, butter and certain cheeses to help with the short term impact. However, it must also help EU exporters identify and pursue alternative export destinations, and streamline and speed up export related administration. It must also remain vigilant on possible further evolution on EU dairy markets caused by the current geopolitical crisis and ensure that any further necessary supports are enacted promptly and do not come from CAP funds,” Mr O’Leary concluded.


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