Exemption from Shallow Stubble Cultivation Needed

IFA Grain Chairman Kieran McEvoy said relentless and persistent rainfall is causing significant delays in the harvesting of tillage crops.

He has called on Minister Darragh O’Brien to grant an exemption to tillage farmers from the shallow stubble cultivation requirement.

According to the Met Eireann synoptic weather network, the majority of stations in tillage counties affected by the shallow cultivation requirement have recorded in excess of 200% above normal rainfall for July.

“For the vast majority of tillage farmers, it’s impossible to attempt cultivation in fields as straw remains left in the row, 10-14 days after harvesting. Furthermore, attempting to shallow cultivate stubbles when soils are saturated is simply not practical nor suitable and risks further damage to soil structure,” the Chairman continued.

“Last year, IFA said exemptions and derogations for difficult weather conditions would be needed. The weather conditions for this harvest illustrate why these exemptions and derogations are necessary,” he said.

“We have written to both Minister O’Brien and Minister McConalogue asking them to urgently grant an exemption from the requirement for stubble cultivation,” he concluded.

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