Expansion of Solar Needs Govt to Remove Barriers to Entry

IFA’s National Environment Chair Paul O’Brien has welcomed the move by the Government to extend the existing SEAI-operated Non-Domestic Microgeneration Scheme to include a broader range of potential applicants.

Following this week’s announcement, he said, “Solar PV technology offers a real opportunity to reduce costs, support environmental ambitions and foster energy independence”.

However, he also pointed out that for this to work, a whole of Government approach is needed,

“The ambitious climate change targets set out by the Government must be matched with schemes with the correct supports and processes that make them appealing for people.”

“IFA has called for dedicated renewable budgets and the removal of remaining barriers to adoption. These include; easy and quick access to the national grid; a dedicated renewables budget for farmers; and a major awareness campaign by the Government and its agencies to promote the benefits of solar and other renewable technologies,” he said.

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