Animal Health

Extension of COVID-19 TB Testing Protocol to June 1st A Good Move

IFA Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell said the extension by the Department of Agriculture to the COVID-19 TB testing Protocol to June 1st is a good move.

Pat Farrell said the extension will allow calves up to 120 days be sold from farms without requiring a TB test for internal sales.

He said farmers can now plan ahead for the duration of calf sales with clarity on the movement requirements.

Pat Farrell said the flexibilities on testing dates and the 28-day grace period after the test due date for movements in and out of farms allows farmers plan TB tests without having to take unnecessary risks.

The protocol will be reviewed again in May.

“Allowing the sale of calves up to 120 days without the need for a TB test on the home market has gone down very well with both sellers and buyers of calves and is an amendment we should seek to include permanently in the TB programme,” he said.

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