Rural Development

Extension to National Liming Programme a Practical Move


IFA Rural Development chair John Curran has acknowledged the extension granted to the spreading date for lime purchased under the National Liming Programme. 

The extension, allowing lime to be spread until Fri, June 28th, is common sense given the challenging weather conditions that have hampered farming activities in recent months.

“Weather conditions in recent times have greatly limited the opportunities for farmers to spread lime. The announcement of this extension will alleviate pressure on farmers and enable them to optimise lime application for enhanced soil fertility and environmental sustainability.”

Some 14,500 farmers submitted claims for lime purchased under the Programme, but poor land conditions resulting from heavy rainfall have made it difficult to meet the original deadline of Mar 31st.

“Proper application of lime is essential to maximise its benefits. Given that much of the silage ground will not be available for spreading of lime until after the first cut of silage at the earliest, this extension is a more practical move and will assist farmers in embracing more sustainable agricultural practices,” he said.

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