Failure to Rise Pig Prices Completely Unacceptable

Chairman of IFA Pigs Committee, Pat O’Flaherty said pig farmers are extremely frustrated that processors did not increase prices on Friday.

He said, “It is vital that processors reflect improvements in trade in producer prices in a timely fashion. Demand for pigs is strong currently, with supplies tightening coupled with a decrease in carcass weights in recent weeks.

“Demand for Irish product is strong both domestically and on the export market and this must be reflected in producer prices. Irish pigmeat exports continue to rise in both volume and value, while imports are declining.

“It is crucial that any gains achieved from improvements in trade are fairly reflected in producer prices. Producers have experienced one of the worst price crises in decades and have yet to reach breakeven. Irish prices have slipped back to 98% of the EU average price and cannot afford to fall any further behind.”

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