Farmers Resisting Pressure on Lamb Price

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman John Lynskey said sheep farmers are resisting pressure on lamb prices from the factories. He said earlier in the week farmers were getting €5.50/kg for lambs with some top prices of €5.55 paid.

As the week progressed, prices have come under pressure with €5.30 to €5.40/kg being paid and factories quoting less but finding it hard to get numbers.

John Lynskey said the mart trade for lambs remains very strong driven by active store buying and some live export buying. He said light stores of 30kgs are making €80 and 36/37kgs making €87/88 per head. Some heavier lambs made as high as €129 per head in marts during the week.

In the UK, prices are ranging from the equivalent of €5.35 to €5.55/kg according to the AHDB. UK mart prices are £2.10/kg which is the equivalent of €5.34/kg including VAT. Factory prices in the UK are higher reported at £4.66/kg for July 15th, equivalent to €5.58/kg including VAT.

John Lynskey ewes are making from €2.70/kg to tops of €3.00/kg for lighter ewes.

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