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Farmers Should Apply for €50m Fund for Beef Finishers as Soon as Possible 

IFA National Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden is encouraging farmers to apply for the Beef Finisher payment scheme without delay.

IFA has created a dedicated step-by-step guide for farmers who wish to apply for the scheme.

The Department of Agriculture opened the scheme today, and it will close on Wed, Sept 9th.

Full details are available here.

Brendan Golden said it’s crucial that the money gets out to farmers as soon as possible and that the full €50m is spent.

“There should be a provision to increase the payment per animal if there is any underspend or to bring exported animals which are currently excluded. We cannot leave any of the money behind,” he said.

“The scheme will apply to farmers who had cattle slaughtered between February 1st and June 12th. It’s expected the payment will be in the region of €100 per head. This will be a significant boost for the Autumn cattle trade,” he said.

€50m had been announced in June in recognition of the difficulties that beef finishers had endured because of Brexit and COVID-19 disruption.

If farmers have any queries in relation to the Scheme, they can visit our dedicated hub or contact Anna Daly on [email protected] or by calling 01-4260340.


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