Farmers Should Bargain Hard as Trade for Lambs Is Strong

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said prices paid to farmers are stronger than the last few weeks, with €5.10/5.20 freely available.

“Some deals are available for regular sellers or large groups for €5.25/€5.30. When all bonuses are included, some producer groups are achieving €5.35. Ewes are making €2.60/€2.80. There is a strong mart trade for all categories.” he said.

Farmers should be mindful that the base price does not reflect the price paid to farmers at the moment. When you add the QA bonus, considerably more can be achieved. When the base price is taken as it is and a farmer is not Quality Assured, the extent to which the base price is out of kilter is clearly evident.

The IFA has taken this up with MII as it reduces the price to producer groups. At this stage, the base price is so far removed from reality, it’s unfit for purpose.

Factories are also competing in marts for lambs weighing 39 kgs and heavier. Some of these lambs would usually have been fed on. This will also reduce numbers available in the short and medium term. These factors suggest a stable price over the next few weeks.

The advice from IFA is that farmers should sell lambs as they become fit and bargain hard on weight and price.

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