Funding Increase Needed for Straw Incorporation Measure

IFA National Grain Chairman Kieran McEvoy has said an increase in funding for the Straw Incorporation Measure scheme must be delivered for 2023.

It follows media reports that just over 70,000ha of straw are to be chopped this season.

“The Climate Action Plan had placed a target of 55,000ha of straw to be chopped by 2030.We will exceed that this year. However, an increase in funding will have to be forthcoming if we are maintain this,” he said.

“The Straw Incorporation Measure has been a huge success since its inception in 2021 and the volume of applications received in 2023 is testament to its popularity with tillage farmers. Following the transfer of funding from National Exchequer to the CAP Budget for this season, the reduction in the amount of money available was always going to be problematic and I would call on the Government to provide additional funding for this scheme,” Kieran McEvoy said.

“The tillage sector needs continued support if it is to remain viable. Changes in the Nitrates regulations will further reduce an already shrinking land base for the tillage sector. With the decline in global grain prices, it is just simply not financially viable for tillage farmers to try and compete in the land rental market,” he continued.

“An increase in funding for straw incorporation along with future incentivisation for the transfer of organic nutrients from livestock to tillage farms will go some way to ensuring tillage farmers can remain viable and competitive in future years,” Kieran McEvoy concluded.

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