Glanbia Suppliers Furious as Sept Price Falls Short

Commenting on yesterday’s milk price increases from Lakeland of 1c/L and Glanbia of 0.4c/L (co-op top-up,) IFA Dairy Chairman Tom Phelan said “Any price increase is welcome, but Glanbia farmers are angry because their price expectations are not being met”.

“Not only has the price gap between themselves and their northern counterpart not been closed, but it has in fact widened. Farmers are justified in asking why the Glanbia cannot pay this price,” he said.

IFA believes market trends are positive. The last two GDT auctions are up 2.2% and 3.6% respectively; the Ornua total pay-out for September milk (including the Ornua Value Payment) increased by 1.3c/l; and future contracts offered to Kerry suppliers for next year (Mar–Oct, 2021) are set at 32c/l.

“I would urge all processors meeting in the coming days to set milk price to reflect these positive trends and pay at least 1c/l more for September milk,” he concluded.

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