Glyphosate Decision Important Reality Check for Science – Healy

Following today’s decision to renew the use of glyphosate for five years, IFA President Joe Healy said it was an important outcome for farmers and for science. While it would have been better to have a longer renewal, Joe Healy said it does stand up to those who wanted to ignore scientific advice.

“The European Food Safety Agency has endorsed the use of glyphosate and has consistently said it is safe. Today’s vote backs up that position”.

The IFA President said, “Glyphosate is an integral part of the modern farming practice in both tillage and grassland production. It is a key arable crop management tool that allows farmers to produce an abundance of safe, affordable, quality food. Its judicious use allows us to adopt minimum tillage practices, thus preventing soil erosion and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the sector”.


IFA National Grain Chairman Liam Dunne welcomed the decision, saying is vitally important that any decision to approve or not approve plant protection products is based on the best scientific evidence available and not on a political whim.


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