Government Must Push for Eu Support Measures for Livestock and Mushroom Producers Hit by Brexit

IFA has called on the Government to make a strong case in Brussels for direct CAP support measures for farmers in the livestock and mushroom sectors seriously affected by the sharp decline of Sterling since the UK Brexit vote in June.

Speaking at the All Island Civil Dialogue on Brexit in Dublin yesterday, IFA Acting General Secretary Bryan Barry said “The decline of Sterling, arising from the Brexit decision, is clearly a market disturbance outside the control of farmers that had occurred swiftly and unexpectedly. This market disturbance has resulted in unsustainable price falls in the livestock and mushroom sectors, which justify support measures for affected producers under the CAP Market Support measures.

“Just as the EU acted to support the dairy, pigs and horticulture sectors affected by the Russian trade ban, the Government must now insist that Brussels introduces support measures for exposed producers in the livestock and mushroom sectors, where prices have been forced below the cost of production by Brexit.”

The Government should also make a case to the EU Commission for the temporary easing of restrictive State Aid rules, which are limiting the support that can be targeted at the most exposed sectors.

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