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Government Policy Must Support Tillage and Horticulture Sectors

Commenting on the Ag Climatise – A Roadmap towards Climate Neutrality – report published by the Dept of Agriculture, IFA Grain Chairman Mark Browne has acknowledged the emphasis on increasing the tillage area in this country, and promoting the use of native grain and protein crops in livestock rations.

However, in order to achieve these goals, Government actions and policy must support the sector.

“Some of the current proposals under the next CAP in relation to convergence and the administration of eco schemes will impact negatively on the tillage sector. In addition, the coupled protein payment needs to be increased, to encourage increased plantings of these crops,” he said.

Irish tillage farmers continue to be undermined by substandard 3rd country grain imports.  Government policy has to ensure a level playing field for local producers.

IFA Horticulture Chairman Paul Brophy said if we are to avail of opportunities in the horticulture sector, then issues concerning labour availability and peat extraction must be addressed immediately.

He added that Government must fast track the position of National Food Ombudsman in order to tackle the unfair trading practices and the dominant position of the major retailers.

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