Grain and Horticulture Sectors Need Strong Action from the Next Govt

IFA Grain Chairman Mark Browne said the next Government has to fight for an increased CAP budget to take account of inflation and to compensate farmers for any additional requirements placed on them as a result of this CAP reform.

“All payments to farmers must be maintained at their current levels. Any increase for farmers below the national average must be funded through an increase in the CAP budget,” he said.

The IFA Grain Chairman said there has to be greater flexibility in farm schemes such as TAMS and GLAS to allow grain farmers to invest in their farms.

“We also need to see a greater emphasis on the production and use of native grains in our food, feed and beverage sectors,” he said.

On plant protection, Mark Browne said Irish and European growers need a level playing field so they are not competing with imports that don’t meet EU standards.

IFA Horticulture Chairman Paul Brophy said the next Government has to provide €10m in annual funding to the development of the horticulture sector.

He also called for an extension of employment permits to cater for the demand in the sector. 500 permits are needed for 2020.

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