Harvest Delay and Increased Consumption Could Lead to Increased Potato Prices

Very little potato harvest progress has been made this week with the continuation of the poor spell of weather. 

Many growers have yet to start digging in and conservative estimates would suggest that 70% to 80 % of the main crop has yet to be harvested.

The few growers who are digging report very slow progress and issues such as mechanical and slug damage are very prevalent.

On a positive note, this delay in harvesting in leading to increased enquiries from buyers for rooster and kerrs pink varieties in particular and, should this continue it will lead to increases in farm gate prices.

Consumption has definitely improved compared to this time last year so this combination of reduced supply and increased demand will certainly benefit the market.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster Box (new season) €300 €350 €320
Rooster 10kg (new season) €3.00 €3.50 €3.20
Whites (new season) €220 €250 €230
Kerr Pink 10kg (new season) €3.50 €4.00 €3.65
 Queens 10kg €2.50 €3.00 €2.80

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