Harvest Turns into a Salvage Operation as Weather Takes Its Toll

IFA National Grain Committee Chairman Liam Dunne said the harvest has turned into a salvage operation for many growers with later sown and later maturing crops, particularly on the heavier soils in peripheral areas due to heavy and incessant rain.

In some regions, 25%-30% remains in the field. The West, North West and the northern part of the country have been worst hit.

Liam Dunne said, “Many growers are at their wits end as the rapid deterioration in weather has stopped the harvest and the forecast remains bad for the week. Later sown and later maturing crops particularly on the heavier soils are beginning to break down after recent torrential rains and heavy winds. In some cases, ground conditions are becoming a problem. Even where harvest is complete, many farmers are struggling to bale up straw and clear fields”.

“Crop losses will mount with each passing day and this will add to an already deepening income crisis for many growers. Merchants and the grain trade must step up to the mark and support grain farmers through a fourth difficult year as current grain prices offers are significantly below the cost of production.”

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