Hill Farming

Hill Farmers need Support to Deal with Inputs Crisis

IFA National Hill Farming Chairman Cáilin Conneely said Minister McConalogue has to support hill farmers through the input crisis.

At this week’s meeting of the National Hill Farming Committee, members expressed their concern at the lack of urgency shown by the Minister in implementing a firm plan to address the growing concern surrounding looming food security issues. 

“Hill farmers who carry stock for the winter urgently need support as the exponential rise in costs is further eroding already low margins,” he said.

Cáillin Conneely said IFA acknowledged the €55m Silage Support Package, but given the scale of the challenge at hand, this is simply not enough and more is needed. 

“Beef and sheep farmers who carry stock have increased costs imposed on them due to the escalation of input prices particularly fertiliser, feed and fuel.  To ensure hill farmers can afford to continue to feed their animals for the winter of 2022, all beef and sheep farmers must receive extra financial support in the form of a per head payment, in addition to existing payments.”

The Hill Committee Chairman said that all land must be utilised to produce food. 

“Any restrictions, such as those currently imposed on traditional hay meadow and low input grasslands, must be addressed to ensure that farmers are facilitated in using all lands at their disposal to produce food,” he said.

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