IFA Acknowledges Tesco Move, but It Should Apply to Tesco UK and All Food Lines

IFA President Tim Cullinan has acknowledged the move by Tesco to pay its processor suppliers the same price for beef for the next three months.

He said that in his discussions with Tesco prior to them making this announcement he has stressed the need for Tesco in the UK to give a similar commitment.

“Tesco is backdating this commitment to January. Processors have to step up and rewind the cuts of 20/c per kilo since COVID19 began,” he said.

He said Tesco should also extend the commitment across all food lines.

“While the beef market was in turmoil, there were also huge price drops on lamb and real concern about other commodities,” he said.

“I would now call on the other major retailers to make a similar price promise,” he said.

“What we need is a concentrated effort across the supply chain to steady markets. I would call on meat processors to support farmers at this time,” he said.

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