IFA Aquaculture Seeking Firm Commitments from Seafood Taskforce

IFA Aquaculture welcomes the announcement of the establishment of the Seafood Sector Taskforce and has accepted the Minister’s invitation to participate.

IFA Aquaculture Chairman Michael Mulloy said the aquaculture sector has been severely impacted by Brexit due to delays in logistics with transport, and additional paperwork for UK customs for seafood product and trade travelling via the UK land-bridge.

“Additional costs have emerged as a result of Brexit, with expected additional costs in transport and logistics, and unclarified costs, in the form of veterinary certification and inspections, upon entry into the UK as a third country,” he said.

IFA has been seeking immediate clarity from UK customs and agencies here regarding proposed costs and fees for companies trading with UK customers that could be hit with extraordinary costs for inspections fees per consignment entering the UK on a daily basis from 1st April next.

“IFA looks forward to working with the members of the Taskforce and securing the best possible outcome for aquaculture producers from the recommended initiatives that will be made to the Minister to support our seafood sector and coastal communities, in particular securing a fair share for aquaculture producers from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund.” he said.

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