IFA Aquaculture Supports Fisheries Protest

IFA Aquaculture Chairman Michael Mulloy has offered his support, on behalf of the Irish aquaculture sector, to the fisheries protest taking place in Dublin today.

“The Irish fisheries fleet has been dealt significant blow as a result of Brexit.  The current scenario threatens the very existence of some coastal communities.  The Irish aquaculture sector fully supports the fisheries industry today in highlighting the impact of the demise of fisheries on rural Ireland. The seafood industry is comprised of fisheries and aquaculture, and in many ways are interdependent on each other to sustain ancillary marine services such as seafood processing.  The vitality of the seafood industry is imperative to sustain coastal communities,” he said.

Michael Mulloy described the crisis facing coastal communities as extremely difficult for the future of rural Ireland.

“It’s almost impossible for young people to consider making a living in rural areas. There are far too many impediments with housing, public transport and local services not provided for. This lack of basic infrastructure is strangling rural coastal communities. Both aquaculture and fisheries sectors are essential in providing employment and sustaining rural coastal economies.  Sustaining these industries will be vital to ensure the development and survival of these communities,” he said.

Fishermen, their families and supporters are staging a protest in Dublin today to highlight their concerns about the crisis facing Irish coastal communities. IFA offers their full support in delivering this message to Government.

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