IFA Calls for Beef Forum Meeting

IFA Livestock Chairman, Henry Burns has called on the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to immediately convene a meeting of the Beef Forum to access progress on implementation and to take stock of the recent developments in the beef sector.

Henry Burns said the last Beef Forum was in February and it is now time Minister Coveney called another meeting to progress issues. He said the Minister, as well as Bord Bia, Teagasc and the meat processors, needs to report on the progress being made on all of the issues including price transparency, specifications, production systems, bulls, quality assurance, weight, age, carcase trim, movement and residency, contracts and live exports.

Henry Burns said Minister Coveney has indicated that a lot of work has being done and progress is being made on a number of issues.

Cattle trade this week
Henry Burns has said the cattle trade has remained very solid this week with factories very anxious for extremely tight supplies. He said the base price for steers has increased with €4.30/kg being paid and the base price for heifers has moved up to €4.40/kg.

He said the general run of prices was a base of €4.25/4.30 for steers and €4.35/4.40 for heifers. He said young bulls are making from €4.10/4.15 for Os, €4.25/4.30 for Rs and €4.35+ for Us. Cow are also in very strong demand with prices are ranging from €3.70 to €4.15/kg.

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