IFA Calls for Introduction of Poultry Housing Restriction

IFA National Poultry Chairman, Andy Boylan has called for a housing restriction to be introduced for all flocks in light of the discovery of a wild bird infected with avian influenza in Tipperary.

At a meeting with senior Department of Agriculture officials this week, Andy Boylan said a full poultry housing restriction should be introduced immediately as a proactive measure to protect the sector.

Andy Boylan has also called on all stakeholders in the Irish poultry industry be vigilant in ensuring strict biosecurity measures are adhered to and to minimise visitors to poultry sites.

The Poultry Chairman said the positive result for avian influenza in the wild bird population, indicates a major risk for the commercial poultry production sector.

He said the risk is not confined to large scale commercial production, but also the many thousands of so called ‘back yard flocks’. He urged all flock owners to feed and water birds inside or under cover where wild birds cannot access the feed or water.

Andy Boylan noted that while avian influenza represents a major threat to the poultry industry, the risk to public health is very low and the disease poses no food safety risk for consumers.

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