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IFA Calls for Rollover of Sheep Welfare Scheme

IFA National Sheep Chairman, Sean Dennehy has called on the Department of Agriculture to continue the Sheep Welfare Scheme, which is due to conclude in December 2020.

Sean Dennehy said, “With 34,000 flock owners, sheep farming is the second-largest sector in terms of farm numbers. The Sheep Welfare Scheme has been positive and effective; sheep are significant contributors to environmental preservation, particularly in hill and mountainous areas. The four-year scheme is due to conclude in December 2020”.

IFA met with Department officials on Friday to discuss its proposal.

“We were clear about what sheep farmers need; a targeted payment of €30 per ewe through a combination of CAP transition and national funding.”

Other issues discussed include; Brexit, the collapse of the wool price, and establishing a potential working group for the sector.



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