IFA Calls on Co-ops to Co-ordinate Efforts to Help Farmers Deal with Consequences of Hurricane Ophelia


IFA National Dairy Chairman Sean O’Leary today (Wed) said it was crucial that co-ops would co-ordinate their efforts to support farmers in dealing with the consequences of hurricane Ophelia to optimise its efficiency.

Sean O’Leary said, “The most pressing problem on farms is where they are left without electricity after a power outage which it could take days for ESB to deal with”.


“Ensuring that cows can continue to be milked is crucial from an animal welfare point of view, and maintaining refrigeration is essential to ensure the valuable quality milk produced is not spoilt or wasted,” he said.


“I am aware that some co-ops, including Glanbia, have made teams of electricians available, and are facilitating the loaning of generators between farmers who have them but don’t need them and those who do,” he added.


“It is essential that co-ops would co-ordinate their efforts, especially in the South West, the South East and the West, where the impact from Ophelia on the power grid seems to have been the greatest,” he said.


“Farmers who continue to have difficulties with their power supply should make contact with their IFA County Chairmen and with their Co-op,” he concluded.


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