IFA Calls on the Trade to Pass Through Drop in Fertiliser Prices

IFA Inputs Project Team Leader John Coughlan has called on the trade to immediately pass through the significant drop in wholesale fertiliser prices to farmers.

Coughlan said, “International wholesale CAN prices have fallen by €30 to €35/t over recent weeks. However, many farmers are not seeing this as importers and many of the larger merchants attempt to maintain prices at artificially inflated levels in an effort to boost profit margins.”

“Demand for fertiliser has increased significantly as the silage season gets into full swing. Keenest quotes for bagged CAN this week are ranging from €215/t to €218/t delivered. Pasture Sward / 27-2.5-5 and Cut Sward / 24-2.5-10 prices have also moved lower with keenest quotes at €318/t for Pasture and €8/t – €10/t over for Cuts. Buyer groups and individuals purchasing significant volumes are achieving further discounts on these prices.”

“No farmer should order a load without first enquiring about the price. It is evident from recent survey results that some farmers are being charged up to €30/t extra where they don’t bargain for a price before placing the order.”

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